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We can´t imagine outfits without accessoiries. It is an advantage to have different variants of one piece. One typical accessoiry are oversized ties. Getting a tie which includes the volume of the neck and the bulge of the stomache is problem for XXL men. ADAMO offers you different ties in different sizes and designs.


We recommend oversize belts or suspenders against slipping of trousers. These are great and trendy accessoiries which support your appereance. You should adapt the materials from your accessoires to your clothes.

No more freezing

Your hands, your neck and you head could be cold very qucikly in wintertime. This is an unconvenient feeling and we would like to work against this: we offer you cloves, scarves and heads, especially for thick men. These accessoiries are very modern. You can wear them allday. If you have to visit a special occuasion, think about wearing a head. This is very trendy and stylisch.