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Men sweaters in large sizes

Knitwear is also chic. Gone are the days of the homespun Norwegian sweater. Now trendy cuts and cool colors are in! Whether in subtle anthracite, in fashionable navy or in bright red - oversize sweaters in knitwear are experiencing a fashion revival.

BIG BASICS offers a few different models for individual tastes and different occasions.

Cozy knitwear in XL sizes

Knitwear differs from normal fabrics by its heat insulating property and thicker design. But nowadays you can often find thin sweaters, because modern methods of production make them easier to manufacture than in the past.

Men's sweaters in sizes sizes - Wide selection

Of course, the choice of plus size sweaters always depends on your own personal style. Also, the sweaters should always be chosen to match the occasion. A hooded sweater is now times more sporty than a men's royer in fine knitwear. At BIG BASICS you can find the most popular models: Oversize knitted sweaters with zip collar made of virgin wool, knitted slipovers without sleeves or classic sweaters with V or round neck guarantee the highest wearing comfort.

The right care for our oversize sweaters

Sweaters in large sizes, sweatshirts and knitted slipovers should always be washed at lower temperatures. Also, the use of bleach should be avoided. This will keep your sweater beautiful and fluffy soft for a long time.