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The manufacturer Yongo from the Netherlands is offering men´s fashion XXL. The products are elegant and leger. Fashion in oversizes don´t has to be jus convenient, the products should be trendy, tool. Since 1973, the target of the company is to produce fashionable clothing for big men. Style and elegance is very important.

Creative Heads for a creative Design

The team of Yongo Europe is amazing. They develop refined cuts and pay their attention for high-quality materials and fashionable designs. Especially in the center of Yongo are upper parts for men.

Yongo can offer his products for a good price. It is possilble to order from all different european countries. Of course you can find products by Yongo in our online shop at ADAMO.

Legere and Elegant

The own brand GCM can offer a great selection of shirts and polos plus sizes. Another private label is Arrivee. Arrivee is specialized in shirts/chemise for men XXL. They offer them also in different designs.

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