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Briefs plus Size

Theres is no big difference between oversize briefs and normal briefs.Briefs are tight and have no leg insert. You can get them in different variants. ADAMO offers a great selection where everyone can find the right brief for every occasion. The most important thing while selecting briefs is your personal taste and your individual well-being.

The perfect Cut

Thick men need large briefs which guarantee a high wearing comfort. The perfect fitting is very important. Also important is the high-quality material. You can order briefs in on by one rip or two by two rip. ADAMO offers you different variants for XXL briefs for men.

Perfect Underwear for the lower part of the Body

You can chose between the traditional brief consisting fo cotton-rip and the rio-slip from size XXL. You have to decide if you want to have a slip with briefs or not. The cut of a sporty slip is different than a cut of a normal slip. Their cuts are a little bit higher. All slips are trendy and convenient. The style of the XXL underwear for men is timeless and chic.