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Pierre Cardin

In 1944, Pierre Cardin started with creating fashion. He created garments for famous fashion houses and the french film. Christian Dior obligated Pierre Cardin and he created a "New Look". In 1950, Pierre Cardin founded his own business. After 10 years, he designed also fashion collections for men.


The Pioneer

Mr. Cardin could celebrate a globally success with his clothes. Many licence holder offer the brand Pierre Cardin. They count on the stylistically confidet from the designer. Also furniture and other articels are produce with the label Pierre Cardin. The business with designer products fare very well.

Fashion and Design

Pierre Cardin is well-known for his simple cutted trousers, shirts and pullovers. He is also famous for his sophisticated accessoiries. ADAMO offers jeans, trousers and belts from the newest collection of Pierre Cardin.