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Underwear plus Sizes

The underwear for thick men is today important, too. We offer oversized singlets and oversized sleepwear. They are very convenient on your skin and they look adorable. Also you can order long boxershorts and underpants. Both shouldn´t be  missing in a wardrobe of a XXL men.

Boxershorts large Sizes

We recommend chosing boxershorts with cotton. They have a high wearing comfort and you don´t get pressures on your skin. Another varient is the simple slip. We offer it consisting of cotton, one by one rip and two by two rip. These slips conceal your pubes. Tight-fitting pants comply the same purpose.

Matching Tops

Matching tops are important, too. You have to pay your attention on the armholes because the shirt should not pinch. Shirts are available in cotton or rip cotton. Also you can offer them with elastic stretch materials.


We offer sleepwear in two different varients. Shorts are available for warmer times and long trousers for colder times. The materials could be different in different seasons. Its variegate between silk and terry cloth. Its useful in the evening to wear a bathrobe above your large size underwear.