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Ahorn Sportswear

In all questions to do with fashion: Männer from XXL can find the right products by AHORN Sportswear. AHORN Sportswear offers not just trendy garments for thin mens, they offer also garments for XXL men up to size 10 XL. Especially big men need sportswear with a perfect fit and a high wearing comfort. AHORN Sportswear developed with Mrs. Monica Carla Sattler a collection for strong men.

Firsthand Experience

The company was founded in 1879 by Balthasar Blickle. At the time, the range included nearly solely lady petticoats. The range expanded after eleven years. They offered also underwear, jackets and shirts. The company Ahorn Sportswear discovered the export markets later. At that time, the company had the name Blickles International. The name changed in the 70´s. The name AHORN Sportswear became to the flagship of the company. The company stands for quality, highest standards in the selection of materials and processing. The target is to satisfy the wishes from the customers.

Outsizes made-to-measure

In 1994, Mrs. Monica Carla Sattler started her career. Her destination amount to present the outsizes collection perfectly and to satisfy the customer requirements with trendy and convenience fashion..


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