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sweatshirts plus sizes

Oversized Sweatshirts

You can wear a sweatshirt in every season. They are a "must have" for fashionable and thik men. Also you have a high wearing comfort because the sweatshirt is softer inside than outside. Oversized sweatshirts are very trendy in men´s fashion.

The right Choice of Sweatshirts

You can order sweatshirts in different designs and colours. The selection is very large and everyone can find the perfect shirt. ADAMO offers trendy colours and moduls for example the high trendy shirt with stripes and contrasty colours. You should pay your attention on the material. It is important to have a breathable material if you would like to do sports with it. Each chubby men should have a shirt like this in his wardrobe. Also you can offer sweatshirts plus size with great embroidery.

Convenience is very important

Side slits are processed in some models of oversized sweatshirts. So we guarantee the maximum freedom of movement. The sweatshirt can be very leger and chic because of the conceald button tapes. You can order the shirt with round neck or V-neck. If you want to do outdoor activities, we recommend oversized sweatshirts with hood. You get a warm feeling while jogging and hiking.