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The right swimwear for chubby men want to be well chosen. XXL swimwear seems at first glance very manageable but thick men should put their attention on their comfortable fit. So you can feel well wherever you are: on the beach, in your garden or in the swimming pool. Each XXL Men wants to make a good impression. ADAMO offers in our swimwear many different models for corpulent men.

The comfort is very important for Swimwear in large Sizes

The most important thing for chosing the rigth trunk is the perfect fit. You should put your attention on the inseam and the outside leg length. We suggest that you should previous taking measurements. Also you should think about what models you
are prefer: slips or shorts. The advantage of the slips ist that they are close-fitting. The waistband is directly behind the abdominal crease and so it can avoid an unpleasant pressure. You can also wear swim shorts or bermuda shorts. They aren´t allowed in some swimming pools but you can wear it
perfectly at the beach. Put your focus on the waistband of the shorts. They should be adjustable elastic and have a drawstring to secure.

The convenience should never fall into the background - that applies to oversized swimwear and as well as for

• Underwear
• bathrobes and
• towels

Colours are trendy - especially in the Summertime

If you are a corpulent men you don´t have to wear swimwear which is just grey and dark. The typical Bermuda shorts are characterized by their fresh and brigth colours and their floral patterns. As well it is trendy to wear single-coloured pieces with contrasting seams or inserts.
They have a positive effect on your attitude and you appearance. Try it!

This keeps ADAMO for you:

  • Great selection of garments of all kinds of fashinable men
  • Oversize up to 14 XL
  • Attractive prices
  • Award by the Trusted-Shop-Siegel

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