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Redfield GmbH has his own brand with the same name. They sell high-quality T-shirts and Poloshirts. They put their attention not just on common trends, they use knitted fabrics to satisfy quality requirements of their costumers.

Eye to Future Customer needs

Redfield has a large team of designers, so their products are fashionable and always up-to-date. The team be proactiv internally and so they have a back up of new developements in the fashion industry. So the customers don´t just receive high-quality products, they are also highly trendy. Four times a year, Redfield presents his new collection in different areas: from elegant to leger - every man can find the perfect clothes for the rigth occasion. Costumers has also the opportunity to visit the Showroom of Redfield. So they can make their own image of the quality of the products.

Economic Consideration are very important

The price of clothing is a high important criteria for customers. It should be appropriate for the products and their quality. Redifeld GmbH has a great price policy with a great price-perfromance ratio.