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The company Hajo presents ten different collections per year. This is excellent in this industry. This due to the great price management. The company offers clothes with high-quality fabrics and a great processing and a good price. 

The main customers for Poloshirts are people in every age group but predominant people in the middle age. The design of the Polos made by Hajo is trendy and timeless

Polo without Hajo – inconceiveable!

For many years, Hajo Strick GmbH is an official outfitter of different poloclubs. The company is also sponsor for many Polo tourneys. The shirts are produced with high-quality materials and an optimal processing. Hajo offers also products for XXL men. Breathable materials ensure a high wearing comfort and a dry feeling.

Market leader

Market leader from poloshirts in all sizes? Hajo! This is the result of a brand analysis of Gfk. The company works hard for this since the beginnings in 1970 from H.J. Müller.