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Vests consits of Softshell plus Sizes

Vests are very nice to wear in your leisure. Even if your are overweigth you need one of these in your wardrobe. Vests can be worn perfectly on cold evenings or in transitional period. Vests have an big advantage: they are sleeveless and so you can move your arms and your upper part of your body.

Low priced vests consisting of high-quality Material

ADAMO offers oversized vests. They are consisting of softshell. This is very modern and it is ideal for outside activities. The material is waterproof, windproof and elastic.

Highly wearing comfort

Vests are very nice and practical to wear in the cooler months. The material is resilient so it can be use for doing sports. ADAMO also offers vests with the material micro-polyester. The weight is very less and the material is breathable.