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Casa Moda

CASAMODA Chemise, Pullover and Shirts

The company CASAMODA Heinricht Katt GmbH  Co. KG is specialized in shirts for men. For several years now, CASAMODA develops more products in the direction lifestyle. The private labels CASAMODA and Venti have a sporty, elegant and classy offer. 

Understand Customer Requirements

CASAMODA offers products with a high-quality and a perfect wearing comfort. There is one solution for the company - contact with the customers. The customers has not the status of final consumers. They are partners from CASAMODA which should always get the best. Also suppliers and external manufacturers were highly exeemed by the company

Discover Trends

Every month, the company is looking for new trends for their new collections. The shirts are created up to 90% by internally designers.  Shirts and Pullover fits with the current design of shirts. So every customer can find the right products for every occasion. CASAMODA has a Show-Room in Düsseldorf. It is open for customers while some fashion fairs. 

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