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Long Johns

Long Johns plus Size

If the weather is colder and the sun isn´t that much shining, it is ideal to wear warmes. You can wear it under your normal garments and they give you a convenient feeling on your skin. 

The right Material

It is very important that your XXL warmer can absorb moisture and transport them to the outside. The trousers consitsting of cotton. The material is elastic and flexibile. There are two different varients of warmers: 3/4 or long.

They have a perfect fit and so you have much free moving space.

Fending Coldness - with Comfort

The warmers plus size have soft waistbands and wide cuffs. You get a high wearing comfort and they guarantee no constricting in your calves. They are stronger in the crutch. ADAMO offers you a large selection of warmers. You can chose between different materials. Also you have the choice between front briefs or no front briefs. ADAMO offers a guarantee of two years for the high-quality products. ADAMO is convinced of the quality of the warmers.