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The length of a tradtionial tie is 145 cm. This isn´t enough for a strong men. You can find oversize ties at ADAMO. Ties can be worn while working or for special occuassion. For a perfect appearance, we recommend to store another tie in your desk drawer.

Acessories elegant

You need the right accessoiry for your suits. You feel good if you wear matching accessoires. Ties with a perfect burl are a statement. You should inform you about the dresscode in your company. You should buy your clothes and your accessoires matching to the dresscode.

The right Care

Your tie should be stay long in a beautiful condition. For reaching this result ist the care essential. You shouldn´t clean them by machine. You shoud just wipe with a damp sponge and please dont rubb. After wearing oversized ties, they should be reopened for retaining their smootheness.