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CELEBA GmbH is a member of the Schäfer Fashion Group. They are famous for underwear outsizes.

The company was founded by Carl Christian Schäfer in 1893. They are specialized in underwear for chubby men. CELEBA put their attention on the protection of people, nature and environment.

Young Lives are very important

The CELEBA child foundation stands for needy children and young people which can´t help themselves and get no support from family members. This includes physically and mentally disabled children and kids from impoverished conditions. The company supports some projekts for children in Germany. One example is the project "Off Road Kids". They support also schools in developing countries. CECEBA GmbH is one of the companies which fights for people. So they are highly competent not just in the fashion industry.

Sports take Center Stage

The company is also successfull in the sporty area. They support regional clubs of handball and football. There is one big tournament of handball in the south of Germany which is called CECEBA Cup. 

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