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Sweat Jackets


Every fashionable and chubby men needs a sweat jacket in his wardrobe. The materials are soft, leigthweight and very pleasant. A jacket like this can be worn as a stylisch top.

The rigth Materials for Jackets

The sweat fabric consists of 100% cotton. This material is perfectly for doing sports because it is breathable. Oversized jackets prevent freezing and sweating. Most of the cuts are simple and line. These jackets will be worn casual and leger.

Dressy Jackets at ADAMO

You can find a great selection of chic jackets at ADAMO. These jackets are leger and practial alike. You can order the oversized jackets in different designs and wihout or with a hood. You get a perfect fit with elastic cuffs on the sleeves. You can choose different colours with great printings and applications. The high-quality jackets are very trendy.

Fleece as an Alternatvie to Sweat Fabric

We also offer you sweat jackets in fleece. The fabric consists of polyester. It is leighter and thinner than sweat fabric but you have the same cut. Garments consists of fleece are highly trendy. If you are a corbulent men, you need one jacket of fleece in your wardrobe.