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Working Clothes

Reflective Clothing plus Size

It is very important to wear convenient garments whil working. Also you should have clothes wich are hard-wearing and easy to clean. Many pockets are practical for stowing tools. Pleasant colours are also important for ovesize men´s fashion.

Useful Design and a fantastic Workmanship

Working clothes in large sizes have many requirements. It is important to have seams which are stable, especially in pockets and zippers. The fabric should be consist of high-quality materials and be breathable. Overweight people can make a good impression while working. A very important requirement is that the garments should be hard-wearing and durable. ADAMO offers you just high-quality and practical products with a high wearing comfort.

Working Clothes plus Size

Great details like reflecting vests are ideal for the wintertime. Working trousers with an adjustable waistband are practical for every professio. The fit of our offers can be customized. Raincoats are ideal in the transitional times. We offer reflective vests in large sizes. Safety in your workplace starts with your clothes. Comfortable and functional clothing is basicly responsible for your working satisfaction.