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Boxer shorts in large sizes

Make a good figure even underneath with the boxer shorts in large sizes. Classic colors and patterns, combined with optimal cuts and high-quality materials make our boxer shorts the favorite parts for underneath.

We are aware of the challenges for sturdy gentlemen. That's why the feel-good factor is our top priority. Our boxer shorts in XL sizes therefore convince not only with the best materials, but also with cuts that guarantee a high wearing comfort. Annoying pinching and pinching are hereby passé!

The right cut for every taste

Every man has different preferences when it comes to choosing the right underwear. It is clear that it must fit well and look good on top of that. We want to offer the right product to every pound man:

Classic fine-rib boxer shorts with longer and short legs can be found in the well-known double-rib quality up to oversize 20. If you like it a little sportier, we offer you a large further selection of XXL boxer shorts. Who prefers tight-fitting underwear is well advised with our plus size pants. The soft material was processed very figure-hugging and fits like a second skin.

The most popular brand for boxer shorts in XL sizes

Undisputedly in first place for is ADAMO. ADAMO convinces not only with its excellent quality, but also with the strong price-performance ratio. Boxer shorts in large sizes in double or even 3-pack are available at affordable prices and in great models: The range extends from loose airy boxer shorts with button placket in top cotton quality, to close-fitting maxipants that cling to the body like a second skin. Convince yourself of our boxer shorts in large sizes!