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Jeans and trousers: each size up to 14 XL

ADAMO-Trousers´ philosophy are large sizes. Chubby men should also wear jeans! Jeans are made of sturdy, blue cotton. It is characterzied by his durability. Jeans are often casual but you can wear them also in business look if its possible. Each strength men need a jeans in his wardrobe. Please put your attention on the low rise. Its good if its supported by a drawstring for big waists. Baggy jeans ar often made with stretchy elastane shares. This guarantees an ergonomic fit.

Jeans and more trousers - big sizes are available at ADAMO

Oversized trousers are often worn to matching sports jackets in XXL. You can also combine with shirts, scarves, belts an ties. You get a generell well-being while wearing the trousers. You can wear your jeans chic and casual. They are perfect for every occasion. If you have to go to an occasion which you have to wear chic garments, you can combine your jeans with an elegant shirt.

This keeps ADAMOfor you:

  • great selection of garments for fashionable menplus sizes up to 14 XL
  • attractive pricesaward of Trusted-Shop-Guarantee

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