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The company Lindenmann was founded in 1961 by Karl Lindenmann and his son Karl Heinz. They are specialized in accessoiries for men. Cuff links are the past, today men want to wear leather belts to their jeans.


Classic Elegance and a modern Design 

The grandchildren of Karl Lindenmann founded a young company in Spain with the same name. They bring a fresh and young line to the market. You can find products by Lindenmann in different designs but every guarantees you a high-quality standard and a perfect processing. Lindemann offers also accessoiries in plus sizes for men.

Brands under Lindenmann

The company can register more and more customers because of their different product lines. Wheter if cuff links, belts or suspenders, Lindenmann has a first class quality with famous brands like Pierre Cardin, G. Chabrolle and Taranto. Every men can find the perfect accessoirie.