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Singlets plus Size

Every chubby men needs a singlet in his wardrobe, especially in the colder seasons. You can combine it with oversized undertrousers. It can be worn under your normal clothes. The singlets have to give a high wearing comfort. Please pay your attention on the different cuts and especially on the material. In summer you can also wear your XXL singlets as a top;

Singlets - classic or modern

Singlets which consisting of one by one rip are classic. The material is cotton and so you have a high wearing comfort. The singlets are warm and you get a good and convenient feeling on your skin. Another varient of these shirts are muscle shirts. You can them wear like a singlet, too. ADAMO offers you two shirts for one price.

Singlets with or without Sleeves

Another varient of underwear are shirts with round necks or dockershirts. You can combine them ideal with trousers or your trousers for sleeping. You can chose how you would like to wear your shirt. There are different possibilities.